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Everyone needs help sometimes. Anyone can help.
That is the simple thought behind „Ehrensache Bühl“.

Maybe you have some free time or you have an awesome skill, or maybe you just want donate something or help with a project? Every skill is welcome.

Here you will find work groups that help refugees make Bühl feel more like home. There is also a „Donate“ page with up-to-date wants or needs and some further information about help and support.

Everyone needs help sometimes, it does not matter if at home or in a foreign country. That’s why we want to update the site: to connect and link others to one another so that every person in Bühl will be helped without bureaucratic.

It is an honor, right?!

PS: Who is behind it all?

The thought behind „Ehrensache Bühl“came about because the procurers of the support groups considered how to better coordinate donations for the refugees. The support circle is a network of volunteers that have been engaged in helping since 2014. This network was initiated and coordinated by the City of Bühl.



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